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Reclaiming Our Narrative

15th and 16th century Europe, leading up to late 19th and 20th century was a Christian civilization. Even today, a lot of the values are arguably Christian oriented. The Europeans of the time have deep seated beliefs about the attainment of salvation by submitting to the will of God through Christ. That message of salvation, based on the adherence to the values taught by Christ, they fervently believed, should be the bedrock of any society. 
Missionaries going out to’ heathen lands’ to spread that message should get all the support they need. The least they could do was support those brave Christian soldiers; for these good, God-fearing believers want nothing more than to share the peace they feel in Christ to those not so fortunate. Meanwhile these brave warriors are out there marching, chanting their war song:
“Onward Christian soldiers  
Into heathen lands  
Prayer books in your pockets   Rifles in your hands  
Take the happy tidings  
Where trade can be done  
Spread the peaceful gospel  
With the Gatling gun” (Voyages of Discovery)
Note that the gun is in the hand and the prayer book is concealed, shows which of the two took precedence.
Meanwhile back home in the West, the media was used to keep the narrative going; selling lies by taking advantage of the existing beliefs to spin their agenda further as far as it’ll go. But you can only sell lies for so long before they are uncovered. 

With the true intent coming to light, new methods have to be devised, new players, new rules, new strategies; but always with the same goal in mind; profits at any cost. Its always been the 1%, always trying to stay ahead while the rest of us scuttle along debating on what is or isn’t conspiracy. Meanwhile the damage has already been done; people enslaved, lands taken by force, starvation, diseases, and death unleashed on millions, the effects of which are still with us.

Our challenge now lies in reshaping our future, reclaiming our lost glory. It may not change for our generation or the next, but we sure can start laying the foundations now. We can start with food security, a communal farm for every village ensuring sustainable food production albeit seasonally until he energy sector can be fixed. 

Gladdens the heart to witness the awakening of the African spirit in the younger generation of Africans and peoples of African descent.

Centuries of colonialism and neocolonialism have succeeded in instilling the feelings of inferiority amongst peoples of African descent, of believing that we are not good enough, that our history is as it was taught to us by our colonizers and former slave masters, that we were savages needing salvation.

Unfortunately for those of our predecessors who refused to believe the lies, the ultimate price was paid, their legacy and names tainted. Today we set out to reclaim our past glory, tell our own story, uncover the lies and take back our narrative.
It starts with undoing centuries of misinformation disguised as education. It is not enough that we look back to our ancestors with pride for what they achieved through the empires and kingdoms they built; we need to learn their ways and make it relevant to our current situation.

“If you don’t know where you come from, then you won’t know where you going.” – (Mandinka proverb).

Let the revolution begin!

We can’t wait while our children starve!


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