The Awakening

And here I am addressing Africa’s leaders and so called intellectuals. Africa’s hope is in all her children, but you elevated yourselves to leadership statuses and are so swift in pointing out what should and what shouldn’t be. You are apt in spotting everything that is wrong about Africa and the ways of the Africans, but you are quick at licking the boots of the imperialists who see nothing in Africa besides the profits they can garner through exploiting her people, land and resources.
You have failed Africa, failed our ancestors, failed our generation, failed God, and worse, you’ve failed Africa’s children and unborn generations. Your greed, lust, complacency, lack of foresight and sheer stupidity has cost Africa almost everything. Her dignity, stability, wealth, prosperity, and the well-being of her children and descendants.
Why do you crave the approval of the west so much for everything you do? Africans have, and continue to suffer at the hands of criminals and sociopaths all over the place. Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb and Mali, etc. What’d you do about it? Hundreds of girls kidnapped, leaving weeping parents behind and facing the prospects of enslavement, where was your active condemnation? The youth are dying at sea in their hundreds trying to run away from your poorly managed economies just so they can feed their parents and siblings, what are you doing to combat that? Ebola is wreaking havoc in West Africa, AIDS is taking it’s toll, malaria is all over the place claiming infant lives. Yet you shamelessly fly to Paris at the beckoning of your imperial master for a so called ‘solidarity march’ for slain French citizens, tragic as it may be, in whose name are you doing that? True we should all condemn and stand up against terrorism, but why use our almost non-existent resources just to walk down a street?
It doesn’t matter what reasons you put forward to justify your actions, you have failed us all and your misplaced priorities serve as evidence. Desperate people seek desperate measures. Listen to the voices of dissent and clean up your acts. Africans are getting fed up with your insensitivity to our plight, but worse, we are disgusted at your lack of pride and self-dignity.
A new age dawned in Africa towards the end of the 1950s, that was the beginning of the decolonization of Africa. And today, thanks to the sacrifices the various independence leaders made, Africa has purged itself of colonialists. When the heat died down, they came back and made the succeeding generation of leaders their stooges doing their bidding to the detriment of the Africans collectively. This realization has dawned on us, and just like Nkurumah and his peers saw the need for a revolution, so too do we, the young generation of Africans. When we come on stage, no boot-licking stooge will be left standing.

Of course to every rule there are exceptions, great strides are being made in Africa by some leaders, but sadly they are in the minority. It is a new age of enlightenment and the next players will be well prepared when their turn come, soon.

Africa deserves better and it will get better.


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