Hello – A Coded Plea Bargain!

I’ve been alone with these thoughts inside my mind
And in my dreams I told myself it’s a lie a thousand times
I decided to call to see if it’s really true
Hello, are you hearing me? PARDON…
I can hear it in your voice
I can see it everywhere I look
You’re all I ever dreaded and now my fears are alive
Cos I know just what I did and I know not what the victims will do to me
And I want to tell them so much, PARDON ME
I dread the nights of solitude
I relive the nightmares I caused others time and time again
Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow
Hello, I’ve just gotta wake up from this nightmare
Cos I wonder how this happened
As the oracles told me I’ll die a king
But deep down inside I had my doubts
Tell me how you won this victory, for I haven’t got a clue
But let me start by saying, I’m screwed
Hello, are you hearing me? PARDON
These thoughts I will keep to myself
Cos I’ve acted so tough but now my chicken heart is about to show
Will you shield me?
See my back is against the wall
These generals and jungulars are scared too and they have me in a bind
I promised them everlasting immunity and now you’re here
Hello, are you hearing me? I’m just crying for help
This smile of mine is masking my fears
My hotel’s 5 star rating has been downgraded and I can’t set foot there
With thoughts of Zeinab spending all my money far away
I do not intend to be cell mates with these animals
I will settle for farming in Kanilai
Hello, are you hearing me?
Hear my unspoken fears,
I just wanna say please forgive me,
But the generals say I have to stay tough
Hello, are you hearing me as I speak of a PARDON

-Yahya Jammeh


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