Soldier On

Politics is war, albeit a war of ideas. Like any war, it is fought on many fronts; and like any war, some battles you win, some you lose and in some your troops surrender or desert your camp. But ultimately, wars end with clear winners in the realm of politics.
So, lick your wounds, pick yourselves up, learn lessons from the lost battles and re-strategize for the next, for if you stay down and feeling beat, you lose permanently.
Your opponent that won a certain battle may have had greater strength, wisdom, better strategy, undue advantage or simply may have had the odds stacked in their favor. That one victory may be a morale booster for the opponent’s troops and leave a bitter feeling and a sense of defeat in your camp; but the fact remains that the war is still ongoing on other fronts and that must not be lost sight of. Ultimately, the stronger, more motivated, better equipped and better trained troops prevail over the rest. Apply that strategy of war to the war of ideas and you will dominate.
In fighting a war, it should not just be about the glory of winning; that is just a perk. The goal should be to make lasting positive impact since lives will be affected in several ways. The greatest goal is to bring the greatest welfare to the greatest number of people possible, that way the lives lost (in conventional war) or those impacted by time, resources, and sacrifices made (in politics and activism) would have not been in vain but for the greater good.
Drawing that balance can be tricky because one does not want to give the impression that one is opposed to the mission of one’s group or that one is a renegade, but then again one must not yield to every viewpoint without question for that only engenders a false sense of righteousness and the false believe that there are no flaws within. That is why sycophancy is self-destructive but so too does an unyielding rebellious stance. Moderation, critical thinking and a sincere desire to be better should be the guiding principles.
When you criticize a flaw or weakness from within, the attempt should be to forestall an impending avenue for opponents to use to their advantage. Make no mistake, they are always on the lookout and it takes the devil’s advocate from within to see where potential weaknesses lie. They, more than anyone else help the army maintain strength and be a step ahead all the time.
Take for example the case of the floods in the Central River Region, those saying the government was slow to respond are just echoing the feelings of the people. If it is just politics like many are playing, we can defend the government in a million different ways with a million different excuses, but how does that help the government do better? The greatest good in this scenario is to get the needed help to the victims in a timely manner. The victims do not want to hear excuses, they want reassurance and help and an admission that that help should have arrived sooner. The sycophant in this case will say it’s all good, can’t cast any blame here at all. The overly rebellious will say this failure is a projection of the entire system failure and we need to hit the reset button; both are in the wrong.
We will take a critical look at issues and acknowledge where we could have done better as supporters with the aim of making ourselves better. Do not be fooled into thinking that such a critical look is an indication of apathy towards the government or that those thinking critically like that are potential deserters, you will be disappointed to know that is not the case; we’re seeking to improve.

Instead of dwelling in self-denial about a failure or shortcoming, we learn from it, commit to not repeat that misstep and move on. The goal is, and will always remain at getting better, which can only be achieved through learning and new experiences. Take no prisoners, harm not the innocent (leave opponents parents out of discourses). That is how we seek to stay relevant and by delivering on our promises as well as creating lasting positive impacts where needed.

So troops, do not see those within your ranks with critical eyes as disloyal, they are strategic and are much needed. Stay united and march on to greater victories.

Aluta continua!


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