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Babilimansa; The Vengeful Egomaniac

Back in 2009 at the launching of the Q-Cell head office on Kairaba, sitting in the audience I can still clearly recall getting angry and barely being able to contain that anger when I heard Yaya say something along these line; “When I say that the sky is the limit for the Gambians, I mean… Continue reading Babilimansa; The Vengeful Egomaniac

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System Change Vs. Regime Change

Sometimes one cannot help but wonder if there is a deliberate and calculated attempt designed to undermine The Gambia’s new found and much deserved freedom, or simply an orchestrated plot to disfavor some and any role they may play in the future. Clearly ignorance can be discounted as a premise for some of the narratives… Continue reading System Change Vs. Regime Change

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Hon. Halifa; Is It Gratifying?

There have been claims made during the campaign season for the recently concluded National Assembly elections that if the parties to the Tactical Alliance approach did not win a combined majority in the National Assembly, then the Barrow-led coalition government will have an antagonistic assembly to contend with, which if challenged could impeach him. Are… Continue reading Hon. Halifa; Is It Gratifying?

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The People Will Resist ‘Democracy’

If we lose sight of, or fail to deeply reflect on the evolution of politics and governance systems in Africa, we only create room for replacing one authoritarian leader with another. As long as we cite western value systems as models in our quest to strengthen democracy, the people will resist that encroachment on their… Continue reading The People Will Resist ‘Democracy’

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The Culmination Of Yahya Jammeh’s Schemes – A Defeated Tyrant And A Nation United

Seeing the multitude of Gambians that thronged the streets; old and young, men and women, all visibly elated at the return of President Adama Barrow’s from Senegal is further testament to the relief the Gambians felt at seeing Yahya Jammeh’s back.  Just as it obtained during the campaign season leading up the elections of December… Continue reading The Culmination Of Yahya Jammeh’s Schemes – A Defeated Tyrant And A Nation United

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Yahya Jammeh’s Schemes To Cling Unto Power And His Downfall

Earning the people’s trust was a critical component of setting the stage for Yahya’s takeover of everything Gambian. How did he do that? Yahya Jammeh capitalized on our highly held Gambian values to serve his needs and then turned them on their heads. He will use our religion and religious leaders, use our elders and… Continue reading Yahya Jammeh’s Schemes To Cling Unto Power And His Downfall