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Our Emotionally Charged Nation

We decried Yaya for exactly the same reason, that he ruled based on his whims; a typical Gambian if you ask me. Those he favored or those who benefitted from him never saw him for the monster he was.They blamed his victims. Reason, logic, process and procedure; these are concepts that are meaningless and it… Continue reading Our Emotionally Charged Nation

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Babilimansa; The Vengeful Egomaniac

Back in 2009 at the launching of the Q-Cell head office on Kairaba, sitting in the audience I can still clearly recall getting angry and barely being able to contain that anger when I heard Yaya say something along these line; “When I say that the sky is the limit for the Gambians, I mean… Continue reading Babilimansa; The Vengeful Egomaniac

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Why Are Our Rural Communities Only Good For Boosting Vote Counts?

One thing we are hopeful the current dispensation will accomplish better than the previous one is delivering the goods to the poor rural communities of the Gambia, after all President Barrow rode on the back of their support and sacrifice to get to the State House. Picking up where the PPP government of Sir Dawda… Continue reading Why Are Our Rural Communities Only Good For Boosting Vote Counts?

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The Tribal Undertones Aren’t So Subtle Anymore

“You can’t have an understanding with a man like that [Jawara]. He never means anything he says. He’s a liar. He’s a rascal – low born and low bred. You see, the PPP are all Mandinka people, and Mandinkas only understand money, meat and groundnuts. They are all lazy. Character and honor is meaningless to… Continue reading The Tribal Undertones Aren’t So Subtle Anymore